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I am more now than I was then.

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i pulled my little girl's tooth tonight for her, she now has a ginormous gap from one single tooth...took a while because i've never
pulled any teeth except my it bad to say it was sorta fun?
because after i pulled it she said "thanks mommy, you're the best mommy
in the whole wide world!" .....and i'm still dying on the inside blahhhhh
  • Listening to: A Perfect Circle&amp;Tool
  • Reading: Dr. Spock
  • Watching: my nearly finished painted desk..
  • Playing: teh foofer.
  • Eating: who eats anymore???
  • Drinking: blue slushie..everyday..


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lirpa-specials Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2011  Student Photographer
<3 i miss you come bk to indiana (:
soulevan Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2010
Shakespeare being gone saddens me. It's surreal to think it's been a year. My favorite cat(my friend's) is getting to that age, and he's beginning to have more health problems. I'll understand your pain when Smoochie is no longer there.

I was worried that I might not hear from you again! I'm glad you're still around. I've got a birthday coming up, you know! If I wasn't so depressingly short of cash I would commission some sort of special surprise from you. :]

Btw, I don't suppose you check some other method of contacting you more often, do you? The dreaded Facebook, perhaps?
lirpa-specials Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010  Student Photographer
Hey! Well, to answer the questions..My grandma is doing ok but she doesn't fair so well in cold weather.....She's already been in the hospital once this year for about a week. And Shakespeare passed away last whole year ago.......My heart still aches heavily and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. I should have one of those clickers and every single time that he passes my mind I can click it and tally up that nothing has changed. I'll never stop thinking about him this much b/c it feels like a huge chunk of me is gone.
I'm bad about coming back to this site but I can't help it /= I've tried to stay coming back regularly but it doesn't work so well ><;
That's wonderful that you're going back to school (: if I wasn't in the 'mindset' that I'm in for eternity I could probably go back to school..but being schizophrenic takes me places that I can't describe to anyone and alters reality daily for me. I can use it to my advantage though artistically (: so I don't mind so much..I'd hate to give up what I have 'creatively' to be 'well' ha! Insane words from an insane individual?
soulevan Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2010
Another year+, another chat. Dx

I suppose it's fun to mysteriously vanish, only to return and see what is cookin' on dA.

From when you last posted it sounds like you were doing well enough! A decent amount has happened since we've last talked. I've finally mustered the responsibility and self-respect to return to school, and I'm about to start looking for another job. :F

Your journal about the tooth-pulling made me chuckle, and I love the new pictures! How is your grandma? How is Shakespeare? How is the little one? Most importantly, how have you been and what kinds of trouble have you been getting yourself into? :]
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